VLM Airlines received Belgian AOCs for both Airbus A320 and Fokker 50 operations

VLM Airlines received Belgian AOCs for both Airbus A320 and Fokker 50 operations

Yesterday evening VLM Airlines received from the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (BCAA) of the Belgian federal Transport Ministry an air operator certificate (AOC) for its Fokker 50 operations. Earlier, the BCAA had approved the take-over by VLM Airlines of the A320 Air Operator Certificate of Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium. After the comeback on the Antwerp - London City Airport route last month, the delivery of these two AOCs is another very important milestone for VLM Airlines.

At present, VLM Airlines has three air operator certificates: a Slovenian and a Belgian AOC for its Fokker 50 operations and a Belgian AOC for the A320 operations.

Two Airbus A320-200s are registered on the A320 AOC (OO-TCT and OO-TCX). These aircraft are based at Brussels Airport and are used for charters, ACMI and private flights. VLM’s first A320 flights already took place last week.

The current livery of the A320s refers to the leisure market that VLM Airlines also wants to target. The ultimate goal is for the A320s to be deployed together with the Fokker 50 fleet on the European scheduled flight network of VLM Airlines.

VLM Airlines currently operates 19 scheduled flights per week on the popular business route between Antwerp and London City Airport. In addition, the VLM aircraft also carry out charter, ACMI and private flights from Antwerp, Brussels, Maribor and other European airports.

Currently VLM Airlines employs 100 aviation professionals and has a fleet of 6 Fokker 50 turboprop aircraft and 2 Airbus A320-200s, which are all registered in Belgium. The A320 has 180 passenger seats. The Fokker 50 can carry 50 passengers. 

About VLM Airlines
The Belgian company SHS Antwerp Aviation N.V. is a subsidiary of the Dutch investment company SHS Aviation B.V.  SHS Aviation B.V.  is owned for 60% by Dutch investors. A minority share of 40% is held by Chinese investors. The Slovenian airline VLM Airlines d.d. is a subsidiary of SHS Antwerp Aviation.

Both SHS Antwerp Aviation N.V. and VLM Airlines d.d. are developing airline activities under the common trading name ‘VLM Airlines’. 

SHS Antwerp Aviation is the successor to VLM Airlines N.V. that ceased all its activities on 22nd June 2016. In September 2016, SHS Aviation acquired the remaining aircraft and all other assets of VLM Airlines N.V.

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Yves PANNEELS Press Office VLM Airlines, (for press enquiries only)
Yves PANNEELS Press Office VLM Airlines, (for press enquiries only)
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