Message to the passengers and creditors

On 31 August 2018 SHS Antwerp Aviation NV, with its registered office previously Luchthavenlaan z/n B69, 2100 Antwerp, trading under the brand name VLM and registered in the CBE under number 0547.945.971, put in liquidation.

The activities are stopped with immediate effect.
No flights will be carried out from September 3, 2018.


Passengers who have signed a cancellation insurance can file a claim with their insurance company.

In all other cases, the passenger - just like any other creditor - can make a declaration of claim in the liquidation by submitting the enclosed form together with the necessary supporting documents to

If your claim is accepted and payment can be made, you will be spontaneously informed.

About VLM

SHS Antwerp Aviation NV
(operating as VLM Regional)
Luchthavenlei z/n B69
2100 Antwerp (Belgium)

VLM Airlines d.d.
Ulica Vita Kraigherja 3
2000 Maribor (Slovenia)